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The idea for ReMIND started around a holiday dinner table last year with a group of friends, ranging in age from 20 to 70+, reminiscing about TV shows and other types of entertainment. Everyone was interested and engaged, even though many of the shows and personalities we discussed (Ed Sullivan, Johnny Carson, etc.) had faded from the screen even before some in our group were born!

ReMIND is filled with an entertaining mix of unique puzzles, classic comics and information about TV shows, movies and their stars. It even includes long forgotten advertising to remind us about the cars and products that we used everyday—or wanted!

The response to ReMIND has been overwhelming. And while we're not surprised, we were a bit taken aback that its audience spans all age groups. Older readers reminisce with every page while younger readers love it for its "retro" appeal. Better still, we're often told it brings generations together with the amazing conversation and stories it generates.


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